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DiceWar is a savage, high-speed dice and card playing game - the ultimate battle for the best roll. Be ready for competitive, heart-racing, gut-clenching moments. Everyone at the table is 100% involved no matter who's turn it is. Players are either trying to roll a coveted 'Fiver' or strategizing the perfect opportunity to flip one of their action cards! The first player to win 5 points and roll one 'Fiver' will be crowned the DiceWar Champion.  

Unlock the FULL potential of dice - The thrill of rolling 5 dice is a feeling known to many, but DiceWar takes it to a whole new level. Our action cards will make every game endlessly fun and endlessly competitive!

Never before seen and one-of-a-kind - With the combination dice and cards, DiceWar strikes the perfect balance between luck and strategy. You will find yourself lost in the competition! 

220% funded by 425 backers on Kickstarter!



  • 5 Dice (DiceWar style)
  • 10 Classic-Pack Action Cards (25-card deck)
  • 50-Sheet Scorecard
  • Rule Sheet


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