While Chris Ferguson and Pat Gillen lived as roommates in a 3rd-floor apartment in central Virginia, they would spend all of their downtime playing Yahtzee. One day, Pat wondered aloud to Chris - "What if there was a war-style 5 dice-rolling game?" Without missing a beat, Chris said "Let's run it". They quickly realized going roll-for-roll with similar dice combinations to Yahtzee was quick, engaging, and competitive - but there was still something missing. Chris suggested, "What if we made action cards too?" Almost instantaneously, handwritten cards like Steal A Roll, Steal A Dice, Respect The Ones, and Keep It Pushin hit the table. There must have been 100 little sheets of paper scattered around their apartment.

After playing and designing for a year, the DiceWar concept was produced. The next order of business was to manufacture 100 prototypes to ship out for playtesting. Over time, we took all the feedback and carefully made adjustments. We made sure to test any suggestions that we were given to see how they impacted the game.  We estimate over 2,500 games of DiceWar have been played by testers!

After running a Kickstarter in April that reached 230% of its goal, we are so excited to get this game to you as fast as possible.

DiceWar was created to bring family and friends nights of excitement and competitiveness. It combines energy, passion, and desire all in one to make for an unforgettable night.